7 stretches to improve your flexibility

7 stretches to improve your flexibility

flexibility training for legs and hamstrings do the splits angel stoneWill a man marry me if I can’t do the splits?
My flexibility is broke af.
How to make yourself stretch when you don’t want to?
Will eating ice cream make me more or less flexible?

These are questions I wanted to ask google.

Instead, I googled “flexibility”. The search yielded: flexibility stretches for beginners, flexibility exercises for dancers, flexibility training program for legs.

I closed the browser.

Flexibility used to be my thing. I wasn’t dancer/gymnast flexible but I was nice with it. I could put my nose on my knee and I could almost do a side split. It was 2013. I was living in D.C. doing yoga 4 times a week, sometimes twice a day. I was nice with it.

Things have changed.

I don’t stretch a lot. It’s not on my mind. The only time I think about stretching is WHEN I’m stretching or when something hurts. I should do better because I know the benefits of stretching and the consequences of not. I should be stretching every day. I know that. I also know I shouldn’t be eating trail mix at midnight.

Knowing and doing. Rarely congruent.

I could blame this nomadic lifestyle for my inflexibility. I could blame the absence of systems, no dance classes, no yoga studios, no flexible friends to make me jealous. (I’ve been building a good case.) But the truth, the actual reason I’ve lost flexibility is because I haven’t made it a priority.

I know what to do + I don’t do it = not a priority.

Today is about fixing the problem. Solutions. Only solutions. This split tutorial popped up on my feed the other day. It shows 7 moves to loosen those hamstrings and open those hips. I’m going to do it. Less whining. More doing. I want that ‘ole thing back.

stretches to do the splits beginnersIs there something you want but haven’t made a priority? This can be rhetorical, if you prefer.