Day 19-21: It’s Never Too Late

Day 19-21: It’s Never Too Late

This is it. The final 3 days. No matter how inconsistent (or consistent) you’ve been, act like a champion. Finish strong leaving the setbacks and mistakes behind. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Day 19: Eat 3-4 cups of vegetables.


All vegetables are allowed. Be creative. Try this kale salad recipe. Discover 10 ways to eat kale.

Day 20: Do 45 minutes of cardio.


It needs to be continuous physical activity. Have fun. If you can’t get outdoors, you can do this cardio workout video at home.

Day 21: Drink half your bodyweight in water. 


For example, if you’re 150 pounds, that’s 75 ounces. Learn 25 easy tips to drink more water.

Don’t forget to check in Monday afternoon. Winners will be announced and nice things will be said.

26 Replies to “Day 19-21: It’s Never Too Late”

  1. What can i say. Sunday was a designated cheat day since we had a full day of events planned. I still made the veggie and water plans though (piles of spinach with baked eggs). Dedicated physical activity was harder given all the chores that left me exhausted: vacuuming and carrying piles of laundry doesn’t count does it? 😉
    Still feeling strong in general at the end of the challenge. Made a pact with husband to do the baseline workout on Wednesdays for a couple of months and seeing where that will take my mile times and pushup count. Thanks Angel!

  2. Day 20: walked for 45 minutes to an art fair plus a couple hours wandering around, looking at the art

  3. Day 20: 10 mins on the treadmill and an Insanity group exercise class at the gym

    Day 21: finished the water assignment.

  4. It’s so hard to believe it’s been 21 days. We made it! I am about to finish my water for the day, then it’s back to these study goals.

  5. I did the best I could with my goals:

    1. No jumping or running – I only ran once, for about 5 minutes, because I was running (literally) late for Angel Stone’s spin class, and they wouldn’t have let me in if I had not run. She was voted, and is, the best spin instructor in DC so I HAD to be there. Other than that, I rested my knee, and am really proud of myself for it.

    2. Make at least 2 doc appointments – I spent about 8 hours on the phone/online trying to get a doctor’s appointment as a new patient, with new insurance, this week. While I did not ever get an appointment, the fact that I took that much time to try was far more effort than I would have put in without having this goal. This country’s health care system is embarrassing. I know who I need to contact tomorrow in order to get it done, so I consider this as successful as it could have been.

    3. Do 2 hours of yoga – I did just under 4 hours. Boom.

    Weekend assignments are all completed, except for 2 more bottles of water. The night is young, so I got it. I hope everyone had a super weekend!!!!

  6. Ok I confess. Saturday got crazy with household chores so I did the cardio Sunday morning. Went for an hour long bike ride, beautiful day to be out on the bike. Love this September weather in August.

  7. I didn’t get in my 45 minutes of cardio today; will do it tomorrow. But I did go 12 for 12 with no chips, treats, fried food, or chocolate!!!

  8. Ok what day is today? Saturday? Well
    Thursday: i cheated with a bowl of all natural vanilla breyers with strawberries. It was worth it.
    Friday: many veggies and water/ stretched and yoga 30min
    Saturday: sauna (10min relax), treadmill (30 min total / half power walking backwards) plus 20 minutes of jumping around and side planks putting me to shame.
    As of this minute there is a pan full of brussel sprouts, red onions and sweet potatoes drowning in sunflower and olive oil and salt. Angel im telling you right now there is a giant wheat baguette in my future.

  9. @Victoria. Have you tried the infamous ANGEL BROCCOLI? It’s roasted. And it’s not mine but I’ve decided to call it so.

  10. @Nomi. It was great having you in the front row of my class. And I saw that “Nomi Bounce”. I knew you would love the song before you did.

  11. I missed the mark with the veggies yesterday so I did it today with spinach omelette this AM and roasted broccoli & garden salad for lunch. Also went for a 7-mile trail run with some neighbors. Easy paced, run/walk for me and I finished up at about 1.5 hours.

  12. @Slomo. You’re the ultimate veggie eater. Good job with that. Thanks for the compliments on today’s blog. I loved the pictures, too. The last one was my favorite. Obviously.

  13. Day 19: ate 2 cups of tightly packed salad with lunch, then 1.5 of sliced bell peppers and cucumbers with dinner

  14. Day 20 done. An hour of spinning with the best cycle instructor ever. I officially know my favorite bouncing song is “Somebody Loves You.” Got it on repeat, and I feel super fabulous whenever you play it in class! (I’m also really proud of myself for remembering the lyrics so that I could look the song up lol).

  15. Day 19: Finished all my veggies. My choices weren’t very creative, but they’re definitely some of my favorites: big salad for lunch and broccoli at dinner.

    Headed to the gym to get my cardio in for day 20.

  16. Got my veggies in and left work unfinished (which I never do) in order to get to yoga. I’m still working on the water, but I’ll get it in. Nutrition has been a little off this week, but I’m on track with my goals. Love the photos, and the links – you packed a lot into this short post, amiga.

  17. I went on vacation this past week. I maintained my running every other day, and took a long morning walk on the beach on the in between days. I was good on the veggies and water too, but I’m going to Chutes and Ladders myself back to Day 16 today so I don’t miss anything and finish up a few days later than everyone else.

    I’ve been reading everyone’s check-ins and y’all are doing great!!

  18. Day 19: It’s friday and my goal for walking 6500 steps 7AM to 5PM daily at work was achieved! 5 for 5. It’s almost a habit so I’ll continue this every work day moving forward!

    Also drank my water and ate my veggies!

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s walk at the Park.