Personal Training

Personal Training

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“Angel is a rock star. With her, I am motivated to work HARD. Her “gangsta” personality, music selections, and challenging yet fun workouts really inspire me to give my all.” – Pamela F.

So, you want a trainer?

Boy, oh, boy, you hit the jackpot. I have a ton of experience creating fitness programs for every fitness level and every body type. My unique combination of cardio and resistance exercises will get you in the best shape of your life. And my “corny” jokes will distract you from the pain. Let’s do this!

In-Person Training

I offer personal training to individuals and pairs. The training occurs at your desired location, re: home, park, gym. Rate: starts at $100/session.

Skype Personal Training

Regardless of where you live, I will be your online trainer for a price that is 50% less than in-person clients. Full details are here. Rate: starts at $60/session.

Monthly Workout Plan

The monthly fitness plan includes 4 weeks of workouts catered to your specific goals. Each week includes strength training and cardio workouts, plus recovery sessions. This is a written plan delivered via email, which includes video and pictures for demonstration. Rate: starts at $200/month.

This is how we begin:
1. You contact me and submit payment.
2. I send you a form about your goals.
3. You return the completed form.
4. I send your personalized fitness program.

Full Time Live-in Fitness Coach

This is the most effective fitness option yielding amazing, long-lasting results. The ‘Guardian Angel’ program is your live-in shopper, nutritionist, fitness trainer, work-out buddy, motivator, mentor, and supporter. The job of your Guardian Angel is to help you achieve your goal, working every day with you, guarding you from temptation, motivating you to reach your potential, and showing you how to get results.

I will be your full-time health coach training you and/or your family  I am available for short or long term positions, anywhere in the world. This program is ideal for entrepreneurs, artists, executives, and future brides. Please note: client must provide accommodation in addition to salary. Rate: starts at $900/week.