Run Faster. Run Longer. Run Better.

how to run faster tips for beginngers and improve your 5k

Do you want to run faster? Of course, you’re a runner. Whether you run for the fun or the glory, you want a return on your investment. You want to know that each run is making you better. Is it? Are you improving? If not, there’s hope.

5 tips to Run Faster and Stronger

For a better running experience and faster times, follow the guidelines I’ve listed below.

Lift More.

Runners love to run. They just run, run, run. That’s fine but for optimal health, you need non-running activities, like strength training. I’m not telling you to get swole and Schwarzenegger. I’m telling you to get strong. Push ups, goblet squats, lateral step ups, oh my. These are your friends. These exercises improve strength, core stability and posture. They also help you run stronger and recover more quickly. Win. Win.

Run Hills.

Flat roads lead to nowhere. Running hills lead to green pastures. Whether it’s focused hill repeats or a hilly route, your butt needs this type of training. This bang for your buck workout will improve your leg drive, leg strength, and your aerobic capacity. If you need another reason, hill running makes your butt look better, like amazing. You want that, right? Rhetorical question.

Train Faster.

Track workouts are only for elite athletes and masochists, right? No! Track workouts are for people who want to get fast quickly. Training at or above race pace prepares your body to race at that intensity. It’s simple. If you run mile repeats at a 7 min/mile pace during training, the likelihood of you running that pace on race day are greater than if you skipped the aforementioned. Trust me. Need detailed instructions? If you’re racing a 5k-10k, do 400 meter repeats every week. If you’re racing a half or full, do 800 meter or 1600 meter repeats.

Eat Less.

Your mileage has increased. As a result, so has your food consumption. Runners stall progress when they think, “I ran today so I can eat whatever I want”. For the genetically gifted, this mentality is fine. For the rest of us, no bueno. Sure, when you run more, you should eat more. But many of you are exceeding this and eating way more. Carb-loading shouldn’t be a daily occurrence. Save the pasta and bagels for race day.

Do Yoga.

It’s not propaganda, it’s real talk. Runners must focus on flexibility, via yoga. A runner’s body needs pigeon, down dog, and triangle. But Angel, yoga is boring! Find a better teacher or a different style of yoga. All of it is not boring. Yoga will save your pitiful hamstring flexibility and your running career. Trust me. Namaste.

The next time you’re dreading yoga class or thinking lifting weights will make you bulky, stop. You’re not seeing the whole picture. These things will make you run faster and feel better. I  promise. Don’t believe me? Implement these changes then email me when you get that personal record.

how to run faster angel stone fitness trainerAngel Stone, Fit & Hungry

Angel is the ringleader at Fit & Hungry. She writes about fitness, travel, and living the good life. Her favorite things are soft boiled eggs, house parties, and running in the rain. She currently offers coaching calls and online personal training to all dope queens.