The ‘Quickest Way to Sweat’ playlist

The ‘Quickest Way to Sweat’ playlist


I’ve started creating themed music playlists on my youtube channel to give you more resources. Each playlist will include both old and recent songs.  (A good song never gets old!) Today’s playlist is designed for cardio workouts. The theme is dance/electronic music. If you abhor that type of music, you should leave now. I’ll wait.

I encourage you to try these songs- because they work. I don’t love techno but it makes me run real fast. Like, folks can’t even see me! Listen to the mix on my youtube or check below. Run hard. Dance hard. Just break a sweat. #stayhungry

If you’re new to my site, I have other playlists ranging from 90s hip hop to instrumental. Click ‘Music You Wanna Hear’.

2 Replies to “The ‘Quickest Way to Sweat’ playlist”

  1. @Ween. This playlist is the realest. Its one of those that was built for running, spinning, and wiggling on the dance floor. Enjoy, my sweet.