Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training

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“Angel Stone brings out the best in everyone and works tirelessly to ensure you meet your fitness goals. The feeling you get after an Angel workout is indescribable. But if I tried? Breathless, happy, exhausted, invicible!” -Taylor

The Skype online personal trainer program allows me to offer you personal training for a price that is 50% less than my in-person rate. You set appointments just like my in-person clients. The only difference is that sessions take place through live video rather than face to face.


How does online training work?
Online training works through video calling. Rather than a trainer going to your home, a trainer will initiate a video call when it is time for your workout. The video call will last for the entire workout session.

What happens during the workout session?
Each Skype fitness session varies depending on the client and their goals. Typically, an online fitness session includes a 5-7 minute warm up, the main workout, and a cool down. Each workout session is 45 minutes.

What software/hardware do I need?
Video calls are made using Skype, or other video calling services. If you are using a computer, you will need a webcam and microphone.

Do you train over FaceTime?
Yes, I do. I also use other online tools such as google hangouts, viber, oovoo. We’ll use the video service that works best for both of us. I’m flexible.

What makes you, Angel, different than other online trainers?
Most trainers take the “personal” out of personal training. They give you generic routines, kinda watch you, then cash that check. Not me! I design the workout based on your personality, ability, and goals. I obsess about your form. I guide you. I encourage you. When necessary, I yell. *Some of ya’ll are stubborn.

What else do I need for skype fitness training?
You need clothes, obviously. You also need a mat, or a thick towel, for floor exercises. If you want resistance workouts, you’ll need a pair of dumbbells. (I offer bodyweight-only workouts so dumbbells aren’t necessary. It’s up to you.)

Are there any disadvantages to online training?
The only disadvantage is that I can’t physically correct your form. The other disadvantage is that we don’t get to hug before each workout. (That’s probably the biggest disadvantage.)

I’m ready, Angel. Seriously! How do I get started?
Contact me for a quick consultation. After we chat, your next step is to purchase a session. Once I receive the payment, you schedule the first session. It’s smooth sailing from there.

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