Being Alone, Being a Manatee, Sprinting

Being Alone, Being a Manatee, Sprinting


I exercise alone.
I watch movies alone.
I pee. Alone.

Countless moments spent with no one.

Extended solo travel can do a lot. It can clear your mind and drive you crazy. It can make you feel detached from the world and divinely connected to it. It can reveal the better parts of you and the worst. Angel, the manatee. Angel, the lionfish. I’ve met them both.

Manatees are considered to be the most gentle animals on Earth. They have no prey. They communicate by hugging and kissing. The lionfish, on the other hand, only brings pain. It’s crushing to witness your unpleasant side. When you do (it should not be often!), accept that it came from you, repent, forgive yourself, and move on.

Mess up, be more Manatee, mess up less.

Fitness continues to be a part of my life but it’s no longer a hype Nike event. Sigh. But thanks to my arsenal of home workouts  (and Beats by Dre), I’m maintaining. The photo of my sneakers was taken outside of my old guesthouse.  Every night, I exercised in the driveway while the security guard side-eyed me. I was a foreign lady in Thailand doing 15m sprints in the dark. He was suspicious.

 The next time you can’t get to a gym or need a quick  routine, try my ab or cardio workout.



In other news, I’ve been listening to the Commodores a lot. Zoom resonates. It always does.

12 Replies to “Being Alone, Being a Manatee, Sprinting”

  1. Tried that cardio workout 1 time. Struggled to do 4 sets, damn near died after 3. It was worth it though. Thank you kindly.

  2. I haven’t worked out since you left *sigh*. I HAVE listened to Zoom (does snake with head and snaps fingers)

  3. I second what Ween said. In the meantime, I’ll be doing some modified side planks and carrying my belly around. 🙂 LOVE YOU ANGEL!

  4. we are waiting w open arms if you ever get the urge to come back to us. there’s a big open space out here that you left behind 🙂 xx.