Future So Bright

Future So Bright

My client, Lindsay, gave me this balloon to get me pumped for my race this weekend. I’ve never received a balloon this large. Can you tell?

The Toyota U.S. Open is a few days away and I am full of nerves. Having this balloon is keeping me from going completely crazy. Next stop: Dallas, TX.

3 Replies to “Future So Bright”

  1. This made me CRY!!!!!!!! Not sad tears, just missing you and loving you tears, and wishing I could have talked to you the day before the race, even though you would have been too busy to talk to me anyway. Is this too personal to put on your blog? I am SO proud of you and inspired by you and agree that the balloon was FASTASTIC. Un beso!!!!!!!

  2. I love that you love the balloon so much! P.S. This still isn’t my favorite blog post of yours. The side pony and cutting the apple is still my favorite.