It’s Fitness Challenge Time!

It’s Fitness Challenge Time!

The Fitness Challenge is back. This year’s challenge is going to be the best one yet. More details will be disclosed on Friday. To see examples from my previous challenges, check out the 21 fit day or the Holiday challenge.

12 Replies to “It’s Fitness Challenge Time!”

  1. @Rachel. Hi! I love your enthusiasm. There’s been a delay. We will start Monday but full details will be posted tomorrow so that you can be raring to go on Monday. Thanks for your patience. Go forth and have a sweet treat – it shall be your last come Monday…

  2. I’m totally in! It’s been really stressful the past couple months and I’ve eaten the worst ever! The diet is the real challenge for me, I’m a stress candy eater! I’m ready to give this challenge a go. tho!! Representing our new home and the great state of Alabama on the 10th! 🙂

  3. Yay!!!! I can feel my diet getting cleaner and my muscles getting leaner just at the thought of it….thanks for working so hard for us, Angel Stone! I will definitely try to get others involved so we can hold each other accountable.