Goodbye, Thailand. Hello, next.

Goodbye, Thailand. Hello, next.

I arrived in Bangkok keenly aware ofย  my bravery. What followed was an adventure that left me open. Vulnerable. Senses on one hundred. Everything that came from me, poured out of me.ย  Manic eruptions of joy. Snotty cries. Resolute acceptance. Thailand was the perfect backdrop to my drama. Cheers to the memories.


The Sunsets. Every evening in Koh Lanta, the sky was different, a nameless color, a new shade of something. Beneath that sky, insouciance was impossible, and nervy. Sunsets are like hand written letters from God.


The Fruit. Exotic. Freshly cut. Available at every corner. The best came from vendors that specialized in small touches, like cutting your papaya into fancy designs, or comping a fruit you’ve been too scared to try.


The Temples. I cannot describe what it feels like to be inside a temple. It is an experience that is bigger and more significant that any adjective I’ve got.


The Friendships. He loved me for me -except when I wore my bandana. โ€œWhy you wear this?! Take off. You Rihanna. Umbrella-ella.โ€ I’ll never forget the nights spent singing pop songs. I’d wave my fingers like Mariah Carey while he chain smoked and flipped his long, imaginary tresses.


The Scents. When you’re in an Asian wet market, you know it. And, that pungent smell of fish floats from the market into unlikely places, smacking you in the face, leaving you stunned, and almost offended.


The Randoms. A cow sitting by a graffiti wall? Professional wedding pictures shot in a parking lot, with cars still in it?! A man stopping highway traffic so he can walk his horse across? Where they do that at? Thailand.

The journey continues. Next stop: Burma.

28 Replies to “Goodbye, Thailand. Hello, next.”

  1. @Ween. I thought of you when I was retelling the Rihanna story! You would’ve loved him. Your Jeff X 500.

  2. i missed this! i love every word. my favorite part is obvs the rihanna part. i love you for you too boo! miss you and truly enjoy your words ๐Ÿ™‚ xx.

  3. @Aisha. “No Limit” is a great descriptor. Also, I love what you’re doing with Self Care. It is a service many people need and don’t even know it. I wish you much success, my friend.

  4. @Jessica. I will visit soon to see that beautiful, beautiful little girl. You would love the running trails out here. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. That sunset – wow, just wow. They don’t make those in Arlington. Want to meet in India in Feb? Chetna and I are going to take a little trip to visit Sean. We should chat. Miss yer pretty face.

  6. Miss Angel!! So happy to hear your voice. I think of you often and try to imagine what you must be doing and where you are. Your writing is gorgeous, just like you. Looking forward to your next adventure…..xoxoxox

  7. @Slomo. Whoa! I can hear your voice. I’m glad you enjoyed this post. All from the heart. Per usual.

  8. @Tommy. I have never told you to sprint (in place) every day for seven months. That is a reality I hope you never have to experience. Everyone (including me) is tired of watching me do burpees in the dorm. Enjoy your long pool swims, the rolling hills of north arlington, and the wind in your face as you coast down the running track. Know that I wish I could enjoy it with you. *I’m not waiting on your race email. Not waiting at all. (tapping fingers)

  9. @Mousumi. I try to show people what the world looks like through my eyes and challenge them to always look for the good. I will definitely keep you posted. Thank you for thoughtful words!

  10. @LaPrincia. I’m glad you felt it. I want to share this experience with you. Burma is like whoa!!!! Details coming next week.

  11. @Badiyah. What’s crazier is that the cow watched me take the photo! Like, side-eyeing me. My best thai friend was fabulous. Tony would’ve loved him!!! I’m wearing a scarf now. SMH

  12. That cow with the graffiti is dope! I need to hear more about these friendships and “aaah” those bandanas/scarves (I’m cracking up HARD, had a flashback moment, LOL)

  13. Reading your writing I feel like I’m there with you. Enjoy the adventure! Can’t wait to read about Burma.

  14. Love your writings……your photos, perspective! Good luck with your next adventure. Keep us posted. Hugs.

  15. The adventure continues. GO!!!!!

    BTW, you did not teach me this fact, but you most certainly reminded me when I thought I was too old to remember…..

    you only need the space you are standing in to sprint.