Fitness. For your brain.

brain fitness angel stoneCurrently, I’m working on mental fitness because I’ve been feeling dumb. Taking extra long to figure out how much change the taxi driver owes me, forgetting the wifi password as soon as I get it, not knowing my real age.

I’ve never done brain puzzles so this will be a single-speed bicycle going uphill. But I’m excited to see how it sparks other areas of my life. Also, I did not plan my outfit to match the book. I swear.

Want to increase your brain power? Is it possible? These resources will get you thinking.

The top apps to train your brain.

Can you make yourself smarter? A controversial NY Times article.

A ted talk on how to learn anything.

Brain games are a waste of time? What do you think?

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no equipment? no problem. let’s work out.

3rdoption+workouts+travelAfter 2 years of backpacking through Asia, I’m an expert on exercising anywhere. I’ve done workouts in hostels, on farms, in stairwells, on balconies, and in bathrooms. Again, an expert.

Will you be traveling soon and staying in a hotel? Is your gym sad? Do you work from home and need to turn your coffee table into a calorie burner? Are you in prison???? No problem.

I’ve compiled a plethora of body weight workouts you can do anywhere. No more excuses. Remember, always start your workout with a juicy warmup, like this or this. Get your fitness on, baby. I’m watching you.


The ultimate stair workout. Your whole body will wobble.

A 20 minute workout specifically designed for the hotel room.

Not too hard but hard enough. A quick, energizing workout.

If you’re tired of doing pushups, squats, and lunges, this doesn’t include any of them.

3 advanced workouts inspired by capoiera.This is fantastic.

Step up your ab game with 15 core exercises.

The prisoner workout. Amazing exercises for really, really, small spaces.

The quiet workout. So moms can take advantage of nap time.

For my crossfitters. Vacation WODs.

College student? Build muscle from your dorm room.

10 exercises to do on vacation.

A workout for people who don’t eat.

If your knees bother you, this routine won’t.

This HIIT workout takes 12 minutes.

A black belt teaches you balance and flexibility.

For the legs and butt. My favorite parts.

Did you drink the p90x koolaid?

For the booty. You’ll need 5 minutes and a kettlebell.

Want to improve your core? A gymnast tells you how.

Hip openers via this gentle yoga video.

28 exercises you can do on vacation. Some include your suitcase. I love this.

I’ve given you everything you need. Questions? Need me to yell?

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afros for breakfast

Ah. 2011. When my afro was big and my shyness was small. 2016. My afro is mini and I’m awkward in front of the camera. What happened! Anyway, this oldie but goodie is still relevant. I still endorse this high protein breakfast. Just had some today. You?

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confessional: it’s about the croissants

angel+stone+emotionaleatingYou ate two croissants and you didn’t even want them. But you were anxious and nervous and worried. About everything and nothing. And so to stop your mind, you chewed. You chewed, and mindlessly chewed, until there was nothing left. And then you ate another one, because, well, we’re already here.

Now, you feel sick to your stomach. And mad. You’re not mad about the croissants. You’re mad because the croissants didn’t taste good. You’re mad because you ate them anyway. You weren’t even craving croissants. But there they were piled in the baked goods section begging to solve your problems. And you took the bait. Again.

Now, you hate yourself. Because bad croissants make you hate yourself. Good croissants don’t do that.

-notes from my journal

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Highlights: quitting travel, flint michigan, the myth of willpower, and chakra yoga

treeupI’ve been traveling for more than 2 years and I’ve decided to stop. Yep, 2016 will be my last year as a renegade traveler. Not permanently but for now. I want the same bed, a kitchen with a blender, a dog. Or a man.

It’s been an incredible journey. I have a bazillion stories for you and I’m ready to share them. But first, here’s some brain food.

10 things they won’t tell you about Flint, Michigan. Makes me want to stay in Asia.

Hotline Bling read by Bryan Cranston.

One of my favorite chakra yoga routines.

Are your friendships working for you? 9 signs you’re in bad company.

An honest piece on being a vegan.“Many runners run for the joy of running. Many vegans, since coming to this diet, have discovered a love for food and cooking they didn’t know existed. But neither of these describes me. For me, both running and veganism involve personal sacrifices — sacrifices that are worth it, but sacrifices nonetheless.”

Teens around the world skype each other.

The record that changed Raekwon’s life.

I keep hearing about Brommer’s soap. If it’s this good, somebody buy me some!!!

Willpower will help you make the decision to start a program, and it will help you keep going if you don’t see results at the start. Willpower will not bring you success. That’s because willpower is a finite resource. No amount of willpower alone will make you get up every morning to run if you hate running. The myth of willpower.

And always walk on the sunny side.

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workout of the week: arms & booty

angelstone+fitnessThis workout addresses the common complaints of female clients: arms and butt.

Let’s start with arms. All of my clients hate their arms and all of their arms are different. Some have thin but flabby arms. Others thin and very toned. Some have big and fatty arms. Others big and super cut, extremely lean arms. And they all complain.

I want my arms to be toned.
Do you think my arms are too big?
I look like a man.
What’s this skin coming out of the side of my bra??? Look at it!

Most women don’t like their arms. I’m working to change that.

Now, the booty is simpler. Women either want a bigger butt or a smaller one. But there’s an issue not being addressed: the side booty. What’s that? It’s the fat on the side of your butt, incorrectly called “hips”. Hips are bones. Bones, people. If your “hips” get smaller or bigger, it’s because you lost or gained fat from that area. You lost or gained the side booty.

Most women don’t know they have side booty. I’m working to change that.

Here’s a workout that targets all of the above. I love you so much. -Angel


The Arms & Side Booty Workout
Pike Pushups 15 reps
Clam Shells 10 reps per side
Scapular Push Ups 15 reps
Side Lying Leg Circles 10 reps each direction, per leg
Hindu Pushups 10 reps
Fire Hydrant 20 reps per leg
Spiderman Pushups 10 reps
Kneeling Leg Circles 10 reps each direction, per leg

Instructions: Complete all reps of the exercise before moving on to the next one. Complete 2-3 rounds.
Editor’s Note: If you don’t think you have a side booty, send me a picture and I’ll gently break the news.

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city life in Malaysia: a photo story

Malaysia more 005Malaysia is a wonderfully diverse country. They have beaches, tea plantations, mountains, and cities. Each part is so different (the west is nothing like the east), it’s impossible to sum it up. So I won’t.

This is my photo collection of urban life, in Malaysia’s most popular cities, Kuala Lumpur and Penang. It’s proof that cities can be charming and that “different” is good for the soul.

Malaysia more 001The graffiti.

malay3malay2 malay18

The sleepy.

malay11The appreciation for live music.

Malaysia_liveThe running park.

malay9malay5 The culture.

malay6The innocence.

malay23The men wearing skirts.

malay15The tourists riding bikes.

penag8The teenagers being teenagers.

malay24The Hoe.penag6 The Giant.malay28The Malcolm.

malay31The food.malay41The love inside.malay44The language. (“Jam” means ‘”hour”. 24 jam. I love it!)

malay40The friendship.

malay22 The love. penag4The dedication.

penag3The beauty.


Looking at these photos makes me smile all over again. Thank you, Malaysia.

Bonus: Here’s a video of a band I saw performing on the street. I was blown away by the lead vocalist! Not only are the musicians talented but the crowds are so appreciative. In all the countries I’ve been, including the U.S., I’ve never seen people more respectful of live music than I did in Malaysia. (Also, the band is blind.)

Go to Malaysia.

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