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Hi. It’s Angel.

Thanks for stopping by. If you’re looking for my Fit & Hungry blog, click here¬†for access to fitness and nutrition advice, online fitness challenges, and other goodies. If you want to work with me, you have impeccable taste. Proof.

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Fitness Services

I’ve been in the fitness industry for more than 10 years working with the biggest brands in the world. I love sharing my expertise with people who want excellent results. Let’s make magic!

Fitness Consulting

I help businesses stand out and achieve success in the highly competitive fitness industry. My services cater to boutique fitness studios, high-end hotels, and small corporate fitness centers. I offer health and fitness management, consulting, and 5 five star customer service.

Skype Personal Training

Train with me from anywhere with my online personal training sessions. You’ll get the same results as if I was there with you, but at a lower cost. You can do the workout right from home or from the gym on your mobile device. More info.

Full-Time Personal Trainer and Food Coach

If you’re ready to transform your body and your mindset, this is for you. I will be your full-time coach overseeing every aspect of your exercise routine, nutrition, and lifestyle habits. This program requires a serious financial investment and a commitment to reaching your goal. More info.

Coaching Calls

These are private, 1-1 conversations with me on topics ranging from achieving body goals to achieving life goals. Maybe you’re in great shape but hit a plateau. Maybe you’re out of shape and don’t know where to start. Get the right answers for your specific situation.

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